Category: Creativity

Played Norman in Trilogy of plays

I performed 3 different 2-hour plays in one marathon day

Founded Crush with crashers at u of o

squatters founded Canadian Comedy Award winning Crush Improv

Played on almost every stage in Ottawa

I’ve played almost every stage in Ottawa

Public speaking award in 1989

I got a taste of the spotlight at Elementary School

Those 10 Days in China

I once improvised my way onto a Festival Mainstage in Nanjing?

AL in Oz

I was a Canadian Improv Ambassador to Australia (High Tea at the Canadian Consulate in Sydney included!)

Feckin’ Pirates

I toured an improvised Pirate show featuring a real sword fight?


I produced the first ever dual-city live improv set

Expanding Horizons

I teach improvisation to engineers at the Telfer School of Management?

It’s ‘Bout Time

a show format I co-created has been played by groups in Ottawa, Montreal, St. John’s, Winnipeg and Vancouver?