2020 #FringeAtHome

2020 #FringeAtHome

It was my pleasure to help the Ottawa Fringe Festival run a festival of online performances in the absence of a regular-style festival made impossible by the pandemic.

Over the course of 10 days, I helped put online a #TGIF Drag Show with Adrianna Exposé, a night of storytelling with (un)told, Playwrights in Quarantine reading, A performance showcase, two DJ sets and more… ALL LIVE ONLINE

…well… not all live. Two of the 10 Fringe events were pre-recorded and aired as-live. Could you tell which ones?

Dawn hosting (un)told’s night of storytelling from home

Two events were slated to be streamed on site. The Drag show was performed live at The Lookout bar. However, the artist showcase which was to take place at the Arts Court courtyard was cancelled due to a thunderstorm warning, and all acts broadcast from home instead. Which was a shame, though it makes packing up after an event so much faster.

I’m just happy that I got to DJ an Ottawa Fringe party, even it was just online for people dancing at home. I’m a little foggy on the details, but I think the first time I DJ’d an Ottawa Fringe party was back in … ’08? Earlier? Ugh, I’m old.