Improvisation for Everyone!

This is a five-class training cycle designed with people of all experiences and backgrounds in mind. This “one-room-schoolhouse” approach enables experienced improvisers to enhance their skills by taking leadership roles in exercises, and allows people new to improvising, or looking for other professional development, to be introduced to the core concepts behind improvisation, and how they relate to activities outside of the stage. Everyone will share in some laughs.

Current Improvisation for Everyone classes are held ONLINE!!

Eventbrite - Improvisation for Everyone (classes)

This workshop splits the tenets of improvisation into the following five classes:

Unbridled Creation

The focus is on how to maximize your creativity by getting out of your own way. We are all naturally creative individuals and, like any ability, practice will make accessing that creativity so much easier.


Improvisation is a collaborative endeavour. To best work together, we need to be able to devour all the information around, from our team and our audience, in a productive and supportive manner.

Expand & Advance

When communicating an idea, we need to understand when to fill in details & elaborate on a concept, and when to move on. Too much of one or the other, and our work feels stagnant or rushed.

The Pickle

In improvisation, things get interesting once you find yourself “in a pickle” or, in other words, a situation with no easy answer. But, before you can break free, the trick is to accurately identify the root of that pickle.

The Mirror

An awareness of how your work is seen by others is key to effectively engaging an audience. How you deliver your content is just as important as the content itself, so maximize your impact by keeping one eye on the mirror.

Eventbrite - Improvisation for Everyone (classes)