Workshops & Classes

I love teaching and directing because I love to see someone surprise themselves with a newfound ability and find the confidence to keep trying new things. I’ve recently found great enthusiasm for my work adapting theatre for livestreaming, and have taught livestreaming workshops on behalf of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals and the Saskatchewan Association of Theatre Professionals.

I regularly teach workshops in improvisation on behalf of Canada’s National Arts Centre and the Great Canadian Theatre Company as well as the Ottawa Children’s Theatre and many more.

Live Streaming with AL

This 2-workshop bundle teaches you how to get online from scratch, using free software and equipment you already have. And then learn ways to leverage those tools to achieve maximum theatrical impact. Don’t let your online content look like any old zoom meeting.

Livestreaming 101

The first of a two-part series, this workshop covers the basics of broadcasting live performances. Starting from scratch, we build a streaming system in real-time, making the most of the equipment at hand and using free software like OBS. We’ll also talk about how best to adapt live material for the camera.

Digital Theatricality

Building from the platform built in 101, Digital Theatricality is a hands-on exploration of sound design, image overlays, scene transitions, pre-recorded material, and other ways to heighten the theatrical value of livestreamed performance. Watch, learn, and imagine, as these elements are layered into a basic performance in real time.

Improvisation for Everyone

A public workshop series for beginners and pros alike! New dates as current sessions fill up. (PAUSED DUE TO PANDEMIC RESTRICTIONS)

Custom Training

Talk to me to see what I can do for your group! I’ve worked with everyone from at-risk youth workshops through the Youth Services Bureau to the finance department at Canada’s e-commerce giant, Shopify! Even when teaching technical skills or design, improvisation is at the heart of my approach. I look to use whatever’s available to me in the best possible way.