Live Streaming

Streamed live using the ULTRA LIGHT kit, a setup small enough to fit in between two seats, not displacing a single audience member.
Broadcast live from The Gladstone, here’s another single camera example, featuring Ottawa’s Pierre Brault.
Not live, but it’s an example of post-production work available. Edit your events so the version that lives online forever is and slick and stylish.
Broadcast live from Origin Arts & Community Centre, this colourful single camera stream features Jacqui du Toit!

More examples of theatre, music, and fully hybrid events are available upon request.

Or, you can rent a camera for as low as $75 per day!

For multi-day events, to save some money you can combine a streaming package with a rental, where I can set up and run the first show, then you can keep the equipment and run the rest yourself!

Of course, all live streaming kits can also be used for recording as well.

Broadcast to Vimeo, YouTube, Livestream, Facebook Live, or just about any other major online platform embedded in a website or on an app.

For more information, please get in touch!